Credits: 1 (3 lab hours)

Terms Offered: Spring

Instructor: John G. Jelesko

Prerequisites: PPWS 4504 highly recommended.


A laboratory course designed to illustrate basic physiological principles related to nutrient deficiencies, membrane permeability and composition, water/nutrient absorption and translocation, transpiration, photosynthesis, physiological functions of growth regulators, enzyme activity, and some fundamental plant anatomy.

Laboratory Topics:

  • Microscope use; plant anatomy
  • Measurement of photosynthesis
  • Enzyme activity
  • Buffers and pH
  • Membrane composition and effects of temperature, chemicals
  • Thin Layer Chromatography of plant pigments and absorption spectra
  • Effects of plant growth regulators and light on seed germination
  • Effects of plant growth regulators on shoot growth
  • Nutrient deficiency symptoms and hydroponics


  • Required: Laboratory manual and lecture supplements available as pdfs on Blackboard