July 26, 2012 – Virginia Tech Weed Team (VTWT) competed at the Northeastern Weed Science Society Collegiate Weed Contest on July 24th in Pittstown, NJ. Co-coached by PPWS faculty Associate Professor Shawn Askew and Assistant Professor Jacob Barney, VTWT made a stellar performance with multiple individual category awards and VT Team 1 received the highest award.

Team members winning the overall Highest Scoring Graduate Team were Michael Cox (PhD), Adam Smith (PhD), and Dan Tekiela (MS). PPWS individual high score winners included Adam Smith (PhD) and Dan Tekiela (MS).

In response to Virginia Tech’s impressive representation competing against 10 other U.S. universities, co-coach Dr. Shawn Askew commented, “To win first place is a serious honor and one that Virginia Tech has had only a few times in the past two decades.”

The Northeastern Weed Science Society Collegiate Weed Science Contest is a regional competition providing students within the Northeastern United States and surrounding areas an educational opportunity to apply and increase their weed science expertise. In addition to being a knowledge and skills based event, it also provides students the opportunity to network with peers from other institutions and industry representatives in order to expand interest in the field of weed science.

Virginia Tech Weed Team at 2012 NWSS