Credits: 3

Terms Offered: Fall

Instructor: Ruth Grene

Prerequisites: Senior or graduate standing in mathematically-based disciplines such as computer science, statistics, mathematics or engineering


  1. There will be two midterm exams, and a final exam. All the exams will be take-homes, open book. They must be completed alone.
  2. Active student participation is essential, since this is a graduate course. Students will work as partners to prepare solutions to problems for presentation in class. Other problems will be assigned as homework, and are to be completed alone.
  3. During my office hours, I will discuss the starred problems that appear at the end of each chapter with any student team that cares to come by. PLEASE avail yourselves of this opportunity! It can affect your grade! The more I see of you, the more you learn, and the better I can evaluate your performance.
  4. There will be two field trips to VBI, covering topics in instrumentation and methodology. Material from the VBI lectures will be part of the final exam.
  5. An oral presentation of an assigned research paper by each student team is required. For this assignment, you may consult any faculty member who is available to you. The presentations, given by the student teams, will be held on an evening during the last week of the semester. Refreshments will be provided!

Take-home midterms (2)

15% each

Take-home final


Oral presentation


Homework assignments (4)

5% each

Class participation



Lecture Topics

  • Introduction
  • DNA
  • Mapping Genomes
  • Sequencing Genomes
  • Reading Genomes
  • Understanding Genomes
  • Eukaryotic Genome Anatomy
  • Accessing the Genome
  • Transcription
  • Processing RNA
  • Regulation of Genome Activity


  • Genomes 3. T.A. Brown, Garland Science, 2007.