Credits: 1 (3 hours "project")

Terms Offered: Fall, Spring

Instructor: Anton Baudoin

Prerequisites: Graduate standing; Two semesters of college biology and one course in general plant pathology or equivalent exposure


Course designed to supplement PPWS 5204. Symptoms, pathogen morphology, etiology, epidemiology, and practical application of control principles to important diseases of major crops including cereal, oilseed and legume, forage, vegetable, fruit, and ornamental crops, and turf.

In this course, students (individually or in small groups) engage in self-study of diseases of crops that are important to THEM. Student performance will be evaluated based on individual notebooks and an oral exam.


  • Golf course turf, plus some woody ornamentals
  • Landscape woody ornamentals, bedding plants, some turf
  • Greenhouse production
  • Nursery ornamental production
  • Fruits and/or vegetables
  • Field crops
  • etc., including combinations

Studies could involve the following activities:

  • Preparing a NOTEBOOK, based on literature material (reference books, extension publications, etc.) and results of the activities below
  • Collecting and diagnosing fresh disease specimens
  • Diagnosing clinic specimens and preserved specimens
  • Attending occasional presentations by guest specialists
  • Field trips, organized and/or informal
  • Interviewing crop pathology experts, growers
  • Small-scale greenhouse experiments
  • Oral exam at end of semester to discuss notebook

There is no set schedule. Activities will be scheduled around the schedules of the participants. An organizational meeting at the start of the semester is held in the first week of classes; contact instructor at or before the start of the semester.

Other Information

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