Credits: 1 (3 lab hours)

Terms Offered: Summer, Fall on demand

Instructor: Mary Ann Hansen

Prerequisites: A course in introductory plant pathology and PPWS 5054.


This laboratory course provides hands-on experience in diagnosing plant diseases caused by the major pathogen types, including fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and viruses. Students will learn to recognize symptoms of plant diseases and implement a systematic approach to determining the cause of the problem, using plant samples received by the Plant Disease Clinic. Students will become familiar with a variety of diagnostic techniques, including conventional and modern techniques, to solve plant problems. This course is offered alternate years during one 6-week summer session.

Lecture Topics

Introductory lecture: A Systematic Approach to Diagnosing Plant Problems

Subsequent labs: Labs will be devoted to solving a variety of plant problems using a variety of lab techniques.


Grades: Final course grades will be based on reports submitted on individual disease diagnoses (70%), on general lab technique (20%), and on a final exam (10%).