Number Title Instructor Term
PPWS 5004 Seminar Jonathan D. Eisenback Fall, Spring
PPWS 5034 Clinic and Field Experience Mary Ann Hansen Summer
PPWS/APSC 5044 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Society Eric Wong (APSC)
PPWS 5054
Plant Pathogenic Agents Jonathan D. Eisenback, David G. Schmale III, Boris A. Vinatzer, Xiaofeng Wang Spring
PPWS 5064 Seminar in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology Variable Fall, Spring
PPWS 5204 Principles of Plant Disease Management Anton Baudoin Spring
PPWS 5214 Diseases of Crop Plants Anton Baudoin Fall, Spring
PPWS/BIOL 5304 Plant Stress Physiology Ruth Grene, Erik Nilsen (BIOL) Spring, contact instructor
PPWS/GBCB 5314 Biological Paradigms for Bioinformatics Ruth Grene Fall
PPWS/BCHM 5344 Molecular Biology for the Life Sciences Guillaume Pilot, Zhijian Tu (BCHM) Spring
PPWS 5454 Plant Disease Physiology and Development Xiaofeng Wang, John M. McDowell, Boris A. Vinatzer, Bingyu Zhao (HORT)
PPWS/HORT 5524 Advanced Plant Physiology & Metabolism I Eric Beers (HORT) Fall, contact instructor
PPWS/HORT 5534 Advanced Plant Physiology & Metabolism II Eva Collakova, et al. Spring, contact instructor
PPWS 5604G Biological Invasions Jacob Barney Fall
PPWS/ENT 5624 Animal and Plant Biosafety and Biosecurity Cynthia Denbow, Sally Paulson (ENTO) Spring, contact instructor
PPWS 5704 Weed Science and Management James H. Westwood Fall, contact instructor
PPWS 5974 Independent Study Variable Variable
PPWS 5984 Special Study Variable Variable
PPWS 5994 Research and Thesis (MS) Variable Variable
PPWS 6004 Advanced Topics in PPWS: Epidemiology of Plant Disease Anton Baudoin Spring
PPWS 6004 Advanced Topics in PPWS: Identifying Plant Pathogens Anton Baudoin Spring
PPWS 6004 Advanced Topics in PPWS: Applied Weed Science Tech Shawn Askew Fall
PPWS 6004 Advanced Topics in PPWS: Molecular Biology of Applied Plant Pathology James H. Westwood
PPWS 6004 Advanced Topics in PPWS: Field PPWS (AREC Tour) Steven L. Rideout Fall
PPWS 6984 Special Studies: Prospectus Writing in Plant Science Boris A. Vinatzer, Ruth Grene, John Jelesko, David Haak Fall
PPWS 7994 Research and Dissertation (PhD) Variable Variable