June 2014 Plant Disease Update

The Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services partnered to form the Virginia Boxwood Blight Taskforce (VBBTF) to provide leadership to protect Virginia’s boxwood nursery industry, historical gardens and landscape plantings from boxwood blight. 

Boxwood Blight Task Force
The VBBT website also has an image gallery of boxwood blight symptoms and look-alike disease problems.

Boxwood blight is a recently introduced fungal disease that causes severe defoliation and decline of susceptible boxwood. It was first identified in Virginia in a nursery location in Carroll County in 2011, but has been found in both landscapes and nurseries in several Virginia counties since then. The task force is developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) for boxwood blight for stakeholders potentially affected by the disease (e.g. boxwood producers, retailers, boxwood tip producers, professional landscapers, historic groundskeepers and home growers of boxwood). The task force solicited valuable input on the BMPs from representatives of the various stakeholder groups through meetings and electronic communication. The BMPs will all be available soon for download in PDF format at the VBBT website.