Our department supports the university vision of putting knowledge to work by delivering research-based innovations to crop producers, industry and citizens in Virginia and beyond. Our department has been engaged in outreach endeavors for over 100 years and we have excelled in translating basic research to applied science, extending knowledge that enhances economic prosperity and environmental protection through integrated pest management, improving plant products, developing bioenergy and agricultural systems and ensuring food safety, biosecurity and sustainability.

Plant Pathology
Turfgrass pathology and disease management David McCall
Grape pathology Mizuho Nita
Tree fruit pathology Keith Yoder
Taxonomy, evolution and ecology of plant parasitic nematodes Jonathan Eisenback
Vegetable disease management and food safety Steven Rideout
Disease management in nursery plants and irrigation water Chuanxue Hong
Disease control in tobacco and small fruits Charles Johnson
Disease control in agronomic crops Hillary Mehl
Plant diagnosis, plant clinic Mary Ann Hansen, Elizabeth Bush
Plant Physiology
Drought stress Maria Balota
Weed Science
Herbicide movement and metabolism in turfgrass and weeds Shawn Askew
Biology and ecology of weed interactions in turfgrass and noncrop areas Shawn Askew
Weed management in nursery crops, fruit production, landscape maintenance, and turfgrass Jeffrey Derr
Weed control in agronomic crops and pastures Michael Flessner