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PPWS faculty members conduct research and train graduate students and postdoctoral associates in multiple areas in our three disciplines of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science. Faculty members are located on-campus in Blacksburg and at five Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Centers (ARECs) around the Commonwealth:


Plant Pathology
Molecular plant-microbe interactionsJohn McDowell, Boris Vinatzer
Plant resistance genes and gene engineeringElizabeth Grabau, John McDowell
Microbial genomics and pathogen evolutionBoris Vinatzer
Biosecurity and AerobiologyDavid Schmale
MycotoxicologyDavid Schmale
Turfgrass pathology and disease managementDavid McCall
Grape and fruit tree pathologyAnton Baudoin, Mizuho Nita, Keith Yoder
Taxonomy, evolution and ecology of plant parasitic nematodesJonathan Eisenback
Vegetable disease management and food safetySteven Rideout
Disease management in nursery plants and irrigation waterChuanxue Hong
Disease control in tobacco and small fruitsCharles Johnson
Disease control in agronomic cropsHillary Mehl
Plant Physiology
Molecular evolution of plant metabolismJohn Jelesko
Plant genomics and visualization tools for systems biologyRuth Grene
Drought stressMaria Balota, Ruth Grene
Metabolic engineering of plant alkaloidsJohn Jelesko
Seed metabolismEva Collakova, Ruth Grene
Regulation of amino acid transport and metabolismGuillaume Pilot
Plant nitrogen metabolism and nanosensorsSakiko Okumoto
Weed Science
Ecology of invasive speciesJacob Barney
Parasitic plantsJames Westwood
Herbicide movement and metabolism in turfgrass and weedsShawn Askew
Biology and ecology of weed interactions in turfgrass and noncrop areasShawn Askew
Weed management in nursery plantsJeffrey Derr
Weed control in agronomic crops and pasturesScott Hagood, Henry Wilson
Weed management in aquatic environmentsLloyd Hipkins