The Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science addresses issues in plant productivity, protection and quality through basic and applied programs in our multiple disciplines.  Providing leadership in achieving the university and college goal of preeminence as a land grant university, we engage in innovative research in plant protection and productivity, provide world-class academic programs and training for students, and engage in research to solve agricultural problems for the benefit of audiences ranging from local to international in scope.


Congratulations recent graduates: Kevin Failor, Ph.D., Xuewen Feng, Ph.D., Kara Pittman, M.S.

2017 edition of the PPWS News annual newsletter is now in print.

Plant Health Sciences minor offered to Virginia Tech undergraduates.

Upcoming Defense Seminars

Camden Shelton - M.S.: 12/15/17 | 11:00 AM  | 420 Price Hall | " Improved Strategies for Dollar Spot Suppression Using Ferrous Sulfate" | D. McCall, Advisor

Recent Publications

Park, SY. & Grabau, E. Bypassing miRNA-mediated gene regulation under drought stress: alternative splicing affects CSD1 gene expression. Plant Mol Biol (2017) 95: 243.

Flessner, M., McElroy, J., & McCurdy, J. (2017). Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) Control with Methiozolin and Nutrient Tank-Mixtures. Weed Technology, 1-8. doi:10.1017/wet.2017.40

Coluzza I, Creamean J, Rossi MJ, Wex H, Alpert PA, Bianco V, Boose Y, Dellago C, Felgitsch L, Fröhlich-Nowoisky J, Herrmann H, Jungblut S, Kanji ZA, Menzl G, Moffett B, Moritz C, Mutzel A, Pöschl U, Schauperl M, Scheel J, Stopelli E, Stratmann F, Grothe H, Schmale DG. Perspectives on the Future of Ice Nucleation Research: Research Needs and Unanswered Questions Identified from Two International Workshops. Atmosphere. 2017; 8(8):138.


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